Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) Review and Rating [ 8 / 10 ]

Kimi ni Todoke (From Me To You) best romance anime review

Hello guys, I hope everyone is doing well, and today I am again back with another anime review. I know most of you are searching here and there for a proper anime review and storyline of the anime series From Me To You.

Before going deep into the review and storyline, I would like to give you a brief overview of the anime series From Me To You. The Anime series From Me To You was aired back in 2009, and it has 25 episodes in total.

The mother source of material for the anime series From Me to You is Manga. The Japanese name of From Me To You is Kim Ni Todoke. Like any other anime, it can be classified into many genres like Romance, School, Drama, Shoujo. Best Romance Anime of All the Time Ever created.

Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) Review and Rating [ 8 : 10 ]

Storyline of Kimi Ni Todoke (From Me To You)

Sawako Kuronuma is the main protagonist of the story From Me To You. Sawako is a high school student. Her friends used to tease her because of her semblance with a TV show, the character Sadako Yamamura, who used to appear in the Japanese movie named Ring.

Due to her semblance with the character, her classmate uses to call her by the name Sadako. For this particular reason, she uses to move far away from the friend circle, and she tries to be alone.

She always tries to search for new friends, but her semblance with the TV character makes the entire task difficult. In the meantime, the situation gets worse when rumors start to spread that she was bestowed with some of the supernatural power to communicate with the ghost.

For this reason, most of her classmates tried to maintain a distance from her, and she started to live in solitude. Most of the classmates think that she was suffering from a mental health issue, but this was not the case. Sawako is ultimately an average child like another child. In the end, she met Shota Kazehaya.

Shota Kazehaya is the second most important character and the male protagonist of the anime From Me To You. One fine day, Shota could not find out the direction towards the school, and he met Sawako.

Sawako was wholly astonished that a guy is talking to her, and she mumbles while giving him the path to the school. Shota started to take an interest in her because of her mumbling.

Later on in the story, Shota makes a considerable effort to open up Sawako to know her problems. Within a short period, both became good friends, and a sweet bond was built between them.

As she opens up, she starts to talk with other classmates, and everyone becomes friends with her, which leads to a happy ending.

Cast of the Anime

Sawako Kuronuma is the essential character of the anime series From Me To You. She is the sole female protagonist of the entire anime series. Mikako Tabe has played the role of Sawako Kuronuma.

Shota Kazehaya is the male protagonist of the story, and even we call him the hero of the anime series From Me To You. Haruma Miura played the role of Shota Kazehaya.

Detailed Ratings

Ratings received by the anime series From Me To You are very high. IMDb has rated 7/10. Hence it can be said that From Me To You is a good anime series to watch.

Overall Review

Writing down a review about an anime series is difficult, but I am still writing an overall assessment of the anime series For Me To You. The story mainly reflects a struggle of a school-going girl who her classmates bullied because of her looks.

In the meantime, she meets a new friend Shota who makes her life easy and can make friends again. Tsuki Ga kirei ( As the Moon So Beautiful ) Anime Review. Even the anime series’s animation quality was excellent, and the cast and crew members played their roles perfectly.

My Personal Experience with Kimi ni Todoke (From Me To You)

My personal experience regarding the anime series From Me To You is quite good. It is tough to figure out any negative aspect of the movie. From Me to You anime series is quite a smooth and straightforward series to watch.

After watching this anime series, I have realized how difficult life is without friends. If you are a true anime lover, I will suggest watching the anime series From Me To You.