Clannad Anime Review [ Worth Watching ]

Clannad Anime Review

I know many of you are searching here and there to find an anime series based on visual novels instead of the manga. You are then exactly in the right place because, in this article, I will review the anime Clannad based on visual novels.

Before starting the review of Clannad, I will provide some basic information about the anime series Clannad. Clannad was aired for the first time in the year 2007.

Clannad was having 23 episodes in total. The Kyoto Animation studios did the entire animation of Clannad; hence animation quality was of top notch.

Clannad Romance Anime Review

Storyline Of The Anime Clannad

The entire story of Clannad mainly revolves around the male protagonist of the anime Tomoya Okazaki. Tomoya has a massive hatred towards his life. He used to find everything dull.

One fine day while bunking his classes, he finds out a girl muttering by herself and suddenly speaks out the term Anpan. Anpan is a kind of Japanese food.

This particular behavior of the girl has attracted Tomoya’s attention. He started to gather more and more information about the girl. First of all, he finds out the name of the girl which is Nagisa Furukawa.

In the meantime, Tomoya also figured out that Nagisa used to utter the name of the things which used to motivate her for this particular reason she was uttering the name of Anpan on that following day.

After a few interactions with Tomoya, Nagisa starts to profess that both of them are good friends. But in the actual scenario, everything was different. Tomoya was not interested in making friendship with her, and he walked away from her.

In the later part of the anime, Tomoya started to notice Nagisa, and he was trying his level best to become a good friend of her.

After some time, both became good friends, and Nagisa told him that she has to repeat in the same grade because of her severe illness. Even Nagisa has a dream of reviving the drama team of their school. Tomoya meets four other friends of Nagisa.

With time friendship between them became strong, and everyone started to share their problems. At the end of the anime, Tomoya’s life completely changes because he started to solve everyone’s problems, and he became a source of inspiration for others.

Important Characters Of Clannad

TOMOYA Okazaki: Tomoya is the male protagonist of the anime Clannad. Yuichi Nakamura played the role of Tomoya Okazaki. Tomoya is a 17 years old boy who has lost his mother at an early age. Tomoya’s relation with his father is full of turmoil.

Nagisa Furukawa: Nagisa can be called the heroine of the anime Clannad or the main female protagonist of the anime Clannad. Nagisa is a shy cute girl, and she has suffered from a severe illness in the past. Mai Nakahara played the role of Nagisa in the anime Clannad.

Ratings Received By The Anime Clannad

The ratings received by the anime Clannad were outstanding. My Anime List has rated it 8.1 out of 10, while on the other hand, IMDb has rated 7.9 out of 10. Hence the ratings are good enough to justify the quality of the anime.

Overall Review Of The Anime Clannad

Overall Review Of The Anime Clannad

Like any other anime, Clannad is also based on high school romance. Clannad also covers few other genres like Supernatural, Drama, and slice of life. The characters of the anime have played their role very efficiently to make the anime a big hit. The quality of the animation is excellent. There is no doubt in it.

My Personal Experience With Clannad

If I talk about my personal experience regarding the anime series Clannad, it was quite good. The music used in the anime was excellent, and the quality of the animation was outstanding, as I mentioned earlier.

There is nothing to dislike about the anime series Clannad in my opinion. If you are a manga fan, I will recommend you to watch the anime series Clannad because it was not taken from the manga. This will help you to explore the world of anime.